Monday, September 13, 2010

Ugandan Contact Discussion

Thursday – September 9, 2010

There are some really nice things about Uganda. First, things are much less expensive then in Kenya and Tanzania. Mike and I are staying in small but nice single rooms for about $16 a night. There was cheaper place, but it was booked up and not available when we arrived. The Maryland Hotel is very nice and clean with good service and private security. The only downside has been that the running water isn’t working! They have a water tank, but they must have a problem with the line because there is no water from the sink, toilet or shower. We have to use a 5 gallon bucket filled with water for our washing, bathing and flushing needs. Other than that it has been great. The food is very inexpensive as well – around $4 for a good sized meal (and that is hotel price). Second, the weather is great. It has been beautiful in the morning and evening, and not cold like it was in Moi’s Bridge. But it doesn’t get too hot either. Mike and I conducted most of our meetings outside in the grassy courtyard of the Maryland today, and we got enough sun to get our faces a little burned, but we were never hot. It was a really nice day.

The Maryland Hotel from the green grassed courtyard. Our rooms are pictured in the middle.

But it gets better. We came here to meet with Daniel, who I’ve been going through correspondence courses with during the past few months. This morning he brought his fiancee to meet us, as well as a good friend of his who is also interested in learning more about Scripture. James came to meet us, but had to leave for work, so we made plans to meet with him again in the evening and talk more about any questions they might have.

After James left for work Daniel, Aidah (his fiancee), Mike and I sat down and talked for a while. Daniel had asked about the topic of baptism so we discussed the Biblical teaching on baptism very thoroughly. The majority of churches here are reformed in their teaching on baptism, so what we discussed was new to them. Daniel had several questions as we discussed the topic, but we went back to Scripture to answer those questions, and he eagerly soaked in the information and took notes on the passages we studied. We spent a couple hours discussing it, and it was a real joy to see his reaction. You could see his understanding as he began to fit the pieces of the puzzle together and began to point out passages we were studying and how they supported the Biblical teaching of baptism! He was so glad to get into the Bible and study it in this way and commented that this was exactly what he was looking for and had been lacking in the past. He wants to learn more and to have someone “mentor” him in the Word of God! What a joy to see his desire for the Word!

From L to R: James, Daniel, Aidah, and Mike

After a break for lunch we went on to discuss another topic very relevant here in East Africa – Spiritual gifts. This is another area where churches are going wild and people are being encouraged to seek direct revelation from God. It was another beneficial study and we concluded at about 3:30pm and took a break for Daniel to take Aidah home.

Daniel returned around 5:00pm with James. We sat down in the Maryland hall, and went over the topic of baptism in less detail than we did this morning. James had questions too, but also readily acknowledged the Biblical teaching of infant baptism and other aspects. During our two hour meeting we also discussed the Trinity and a few other topics. It was a joy to sit with these men, and see them bow to the Word and accept it! James plans to join in our correspondence course study as we continue so that he too can learn more and assist Daniel in the ministry in Uganda! While we came to teach these men, we also learned a great deal from then and thank the Lord for providing men so dedicated to the work of ministry and concerned about the truth of the Word. Praise the Lord!

It was an enjoyable day and in many ways, I’m sad about leaving Uganda tomorrow and returning to Kisii, Kenya. But we will keep these men in our prayers and continue working with them during the coming year, with the hope and prayer of spending more time with them next year. May our gracious God be with them and build them up in His Word!

In His service,


“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” – Hebrews 4:12

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